How To Break Down Scar Tissue After Knee Replacement

How to break down scar tissue after knee replacement

How to break down scar tissue after knee replacement? This can be avoided by taking care of the incision. A scar can develop from an incision and it is a normal thing. We would say that it looks like a band-aid. The difference is a band aid can be removed easily, while a scar remains there forever. Without proper treatment, a scar will not disappear especially if the buildup is thick. It takes time to break it down and make it less visible. What is the purpose of a scar? If we look at it from the medical point of view, then it is clear that a scar can help protect an injury. It is composed of connective tissue, which a good thing since it can help protect the tissue beneath it.

The unsightly appearance is not the only problem people have with scars. They can also be so sensitive. Yes, scars can actually be painful, although it doesn’t hurt as much as torn skin. When a scar is healed, it will be tight. It can affect the range of movement. For instance, if there is a large scar on your elbow, it may be hard to move the joint. The same happens when a scar forms in another area. The goal of the treatment is to make it stay tender. That is why you should use a cream or lotion because it helps the make the scar tender. It doesn’t matter how you got the scar, the way you manage it is much more important. There are many treatment choices available.

Massage is one good example. There is a technique called myofascial release. People also refer to it as foam roller. As the name suggest, this method of treating scar tissue is actually pretty easy to do. There are several downsides with one being painful. Yes, this method can be painful even if it is done right. As said before, scar tissue can be quite sensitive. You must carefully put a weight on it. Rub it carefully especially when the area still feels sensitive. This should not be done overnight. The scar will slowly fade away. All you have to do is repeat the treatment for a few weeks until the scar becomes less visible. It can be replaced with a tennis ball or the knuckle. It may sound weird, but a tennis ball has a rough texture which makes it perfect for massaging.

Just rub it all over the affected area. It will massage the tissue beneath the skin. Another possible treatment is to work with the nervous system. The goal is to bring comfort to your body. When the body is relaxed, it will not cause a lot of tension. As a result, massaging will be less painful. Combining some different methods is better than relying on one technique. You must remember that different therapies have different benefits. The nervous system method, for instance, aims to numb the area.

It takes a lot of work to desensitize the area. But once it goes numb, it will be easy to rub a sensitive area on your body. Doing it when the body is relaxed is better. You will no longer feel the pain when the foam roller is rubbing all over the skin. Do you need a more natural approach? There are herbs specifically designed for treating skin-related problems like scars. One of them is called gotu kola. It is an ancient herb with wound-healing properties. It is also high in antioxidants. You can use it to heal all kinds of scars, including keloid scars. That’s how to break down scar tissue after knee replacement.

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