Diagnosing Neck Shoulder and Back Pain after Car Accident

diagnosing neck shoulder and back pain after car accident

Car accident can cause neck shoulder and back pain. Sometimes, car accident cannot be avoided and this pain happens to you. In this case, the condition of your neck shoulder and back pain may be various. If you meet a doctor, he or she may need to diagnose your condition of neck shoulder and back pain after car accident farther. So, this article will discuss about the diagnosis.

General Types of Neck Shoulder and Back Pain
Generally, neck shoulder and back pain from a car accident can be divided into 3 types. The first is acute where the pain may last no more than 4 weeks, usually less than a month. The second type is subacute where the pain will last about 4 weeks up to 12 weeks. Another type is chronic. This is the worst condition where the pain will last at least 3 months. Usually, it needs more than three months to treat this pain. The condition is affected by the car accident happens to you.

If your neck shoulder and back pain caused by a car accident belongs to acute, you may be happy because you can do your activities as usual after 4 weeks. It also does not require medications because you can treat it with self-care or home remedies. However, you have to be careful if the pain belongs to subacute or even chronic. It may require farther medical treatment or even surgery if the condition is too serious. That is why the recovery time can be much longer.

Physical Exam
One of the methods to diagnose neck shoulder and back pain after car accident is through physical exam. The physical exams may include observation that examines your posture, palpation that relate to the soft tissue of your neck for signs of tenderness, tightness and muscle spasms, and range of motion test where it checks how your neck moves and rotates. The additional physical exams may include reflexes that examine the reflexes in forearm, triceps and biceps, muscle power that tests various muscles, and sensation that checks unusual sensation like tingling which goes into fingers, arms and shoulders.

Diagnostic Testing
Another way how to diagnose pain in the neck shoulder and back after a car accident is through diagnostic testing. There are 6 methods of diagnostic testing available. The first is X-ray where it uses electromagnetic radiation to scan the bones. The second is CT scan that uses X-rays and computer to make the better images. The third is myelogram where it injects dye from a spinal tap.

The fourth is MRI scan where it uses radio waves & a strong magnet to detect anatomical structures. The fifth method is electrodiagnostic testing where it is followed by electromyogram that tests muscle electrical activities. The last one is bone scan that uses radioactive tracer to identify increased bone activity areas. That is all the diagnosis methods that can be used to identify neck shoulder and back pain after car accident.

Description: Neck shoulder and back pain after car accident can be diagnosed with various methods including diagnostic testing and physical exam.

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