Does Semen Die When It Hits Air?

Does semen die when it hits air

Does semen die when it hits air? There is still a confusion regarding semen whether dies the moment it is exposed to the air. Before getting into details, it is better that you know the difference between semen and sperm. Many people seem to not know the difference and use the terms interchangeably, while in fact, they are totally two different things. Let’s put it this way, semen is a medium in the form of a liquid, and sperm are reproductive or sex cells. The one that lives in this context is the sperm. They are active and swim freely in the fluid, which is the semen. Both, however, need each other to function.

Without sperm, semen will be just a liquid. Without semen, sperm can’t live. Sperm cells require the liquid for successful reproduction. What do sperm do? They fertilize eggs produced by the female reproductive organs. They are responsible for the birth of new lives. Meanwhile, semen is made up of amino acids, enzymes, proteins, and other substances. It provides nutrients for the sperm cells to stay alive. Sperm may not last long after they are exposed to the air, but they do survive. Just imagine if they die quickly, then artificial insemination won’t be possible. Why? It’s because in artificial insemination, sperm undoubtedly come in contact with air.

This happens after someone ejaculates his semen in a cup. The same goes for sperm testing. When someone wants to take a test, he is obliged to ejaculate and put his semen in a cup or another container. To ensure that the sperm survive until the person arrives at the lab, he needs to keep it in his jacket or another warm place. Yes, even if the driving takes an hour or so, the cells should stay alive as long as they are properly carried. The only thing that can cause the death of those tiny reproductive cells is if the semen dries up.

We’ve explained before the difference between these two. Semen is like a pool and sperm are like people swimming in it. As long as the semen is still in good condition, the sperm will swim freely inside the liquid. However, after like an hour, it is likely that the semen starts to thicken and dry up. As a result, the sperm would no longer have a good place to live and they die. Sperm are actually strong despite their tiny size. Does semen die when it hits air? Semen doesn’t die, it only loses its moisture. Once it dries up, there is no chance for the sperm to stay alive.

When a sperm cell is dead, there is no way to bring it back to life, just like any other living being. Is there a way to make these cells live longer? Yes, when they are put in a safe and warm environment, they should be able to live much longer than expected. The seminal liquid is what keeps them alive. It acts as a barrier and protects the cells against harmful substances in the air. With that in mind, it only makes sense to prevent the fluid from drying up if we want to preserve the cells inside it.

Pregnancy is possible when a woman touches semen and then touches her private area. Sperm do not die in a matter of seconds, which is why men need to be careful with their semen so as not to touch their partners’ private organs. When this happens, pregnancy can still happen. So, does semen die when it hits air? No, it doesn’t die because it’s not alive to begin with.

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