Home Remedies for Pain at the Back of My Neck

home remedies for pain at the back of my neck

I have ever experienced pain at the back of my neck. So, I will tell and share what I did to treat it at home. In fact, it becomes one of the most common pains that happen to anyone. If it happens to you, especially if the condition is not too serious, you do not need to go to a doctor because you can treat it by your own at home. How can you do that? You can follow my tips below:

Ice Pack
This is the first tip that you can follow to heal pain at the back of your neck. This is recommended so much because it is the simplest way. The cold temperature is useful to reduce alleviate pain and inflammation. What you need to do is to put some cubes of crushed ice in a bag from plastic. After that, wrap the bag in a towel. Then, put this ice pack on the affected area of your back of neck about 15 minutes or less at a time. Repeat it for a few repetitions. What to keep in mind is that you cannot apply the ice on the skin directly.

Besides that, hydrotherapy will also be very effective as a home remedy to treat pain at the back of neck. You can do it easily in the shower at home. In fact the force of water can help reduce pain and soreness. What you should do is to target the affected are using warm water for about a couple minutes. After that, switch it to cold water for about a half minute. Then, repeat it for a few times you want.

Epsom Salt Bath
The next method how to treat pain at the back of my neck is using Epsom salt bath. It can treat muscle tendon, lower stress and also give instant pain treatment. It is because Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate that will work as a muscle relaxant and reduce pain & swelling. It can be followed easily. Firstly, you should add a couple cup of Epsom salt to warm bath. Then, soak your neck especially the affected area for about 15 minutes. Do this regularly until your pain is healed completely.

Apple Cider Vinegar
You can also consider using apple cider vinegar to treat back of neck pain. For your information, apple cider vinegar is good as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that functions to treat neck pain fast. Firstly, you should soak a towel in the apple cider vinegar. Then, place it on the affected area on your neck for about 2 hours.

Neck Exercises
Another best method of home remedy that you can try is neck exercise. There are many ideas of neck exercise. For example, you can do like when you warm up before doing sports. Anyway, it will focus on stretching so that it can lose the muscle of your neck. That is all the ways how to remedy pain at the back of my neck. So, you can follow one of those based on your desire.

Description: Pain at the back of my neck can be treated by home remedies such as neck exercises, apple cider vinegar, Epsom salt bath, hydrotherapy and ice pack.

Last Updated: April 7th, 2017 by maswk