How Do You Break Your Arm Without Any Pain

How do you break your arm without any pain

A broken limb causes unexplainable pain. You have no clue if you think it won’t trigger any pain. How do you break your arm without any pain? If you think it is possible, good luck with that. It will hurt like hell and the first thing you must do is to get anti-inflammatory drugs. The next task is to bring down the swelling and then to get it fixed. Without proper medication, you can lose the functionality of the arm. It is not something you should laugh about because it is so serious. Nerve damage is also a possibility though it is pretty much avoidable as long as you take care of the injury well.

There are many bones that make up the forearm. Hence, you can break it in various places. The more bones are fractured in a single injury, the longer it takes to heal. Walking on crutches doesn’t sound fun, right? Most people will try their best not to end up with this assistive device. There is nothing appealing about wearing a sling or a cast. It is pretty much a hassle because it will be difficult to do anything. Slings are not hard to find. Whenever you deal with a broken arm, just go to a nearby drugstore to get that. The doctor can prescribe the most suitable type for you.

Is it okay to hurt the arm on purpose? Nope, it is never okay to do self-harm as it doesn’t offer any benefits. Besides, it may have life-long consequences. For example, the arm is more susceptible to damage when it has been broken before. We are sure you don’t want to face such consequences. No matter how you try to hurt the arm, be it putting a weight on it or falling off a tree consciously, it will take time to recover. If you really want to do it, better tell somebody in advance. Why? If you do it successfully, your first reaction is crying. There is no way you can make a phone call due to the unbearable pain. The feeling is so overwhelming, you know.

At least if there is someone around, he can call the hospital or do something right. There are many ways to damage the arm, such as bungee jumping, tripping, abseiling, roller skating, etc. All these things can be dangerous if you are not careful. Another reason to avoid this kind of accident is because the recovery costs a lot of money. Unless it is covered by insurance, pretty sure it will burn a hole in your pocket, not the mention that it may cost you a lot of time as well.

Some people rely on their arms to make a living, such as writers. Professional writers use their hands a lot to type and write. Now imagine if they lose this ability. Their productivity will decrease dramatically and they can have difficulty making money. So, take care of your arms when they are still in good shape. Breaking them is not hard, but maintaining them is. Now if you want to break the arm, just take a hammer. Lay your arm on a table and swing it towards the middle of the forearm. It will break in a matter of seconds, but restoring the functionality can take months or years. So, how do you break your arm without any pain? We’ve explained that.

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