How Do You Get Over A Sugar Addiction?

How do you get over a sugar addiction?

Craving for sugar is a common thing. Well, most of us can’t stop eating sugary things. It is understandable because sugar is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. It even beats nicotine for some people. Sugar consumption is at an all-time high. However, sugar is highly linked to serious health problems like diabetes. The average consumption should be lower than 6 teaspoons each day. The body doesn’t need more than that. How do you get over a sugar addiction? There are many ways to do that, but you must remember that sugar is really bad for health. We need to eat it in moderation.

Diabetes is not the only problem, though. You can also suffer from high blood pressure, depression, headaches, and even hypertension. The risk of obesity is also higher for those who consume a lot of sugar every day. How do you know you are addicted? Notice that if you eat a lot of more than you intended, it means you are addicted. For example, you intended to drink two cups of tea, but then added two more cups. The amount of sugar is already high from this drink. If you also get sugar from other foods, you would eat an excessive amount.

Breaking this addiction is not easy. You should realize how bad it is for health. There are no additional benefits that this substance provides when consumed in excess. Therefore, reduce the amount. For example, if you like chocolate, don’t eat more than one bar a day. It is better that you don’t it on a daily basis because chocolate contains other ingredients like butter. We all know it is high in calories and fat. You shouldn’t eat it in a large amount because it can also cause health issues. Next, avoid simple carbohydrates. Don’t think that sweet things are the only sources of sugar. Simple carbohydrates would also turn into glucose when they enter the body.

For this reason, not only do you have to stop eating so much sugar, but it is also important to control carbohydrates because they are not good for health. Do you like pastries, pasta, and white bread? All of these are common carbs that we consume every day. Despite being full of nutrients, we can’t deny that they also contain sugar. Instead of white bread, switch to healthier options like carrots, sweet potatoes, and beets. They are rich in fiber as well. Fiber is an important substance to help us feel full longer. There is no need to eat extra sugar when you already get it from the foods that you always eat. Eat sugar on certain occasions only.

We didn’t say that you have to stop eating sugar. Just make sure that you don’t overeat it. Those with sugar addiction usually salivate when seeing sweet foods in front of their eyes. Are you one of them? Well, that shows that your brain has tricked you into thinking that sugar is a go-to diet. This is definitely not true because sugar should never be treated like a healthy food though it provides nutritional benefits. Have you felt unwell just because you didn’t eat sugar for a long time? It could also indicate that you are addicted. Try to stay away from candy bars and other sweet treats. Don’t let the cravings overcome you because the risks are not to be overlooked. How do you get over a sugar addiction? We’ve explained it to you.

Last Updated: March 7th, 2017 by writer