How Long Does It Take To Stop Nicotine Addiction

How long does it take to stop nicotine addiction?

How long does it take to stop nicotine addiction? There is no definite answer since everyone experiences different withdrawal symptoms. If you are a heavy smoker, it will take longer to break this habit. At the end of the day, it is not an easy battle. Don’t focus on the amount of time you must spend on battling this addiction. Nicotine is a toxic substance. It takes time to flush it out of the body. Like it or not, but this should never enter the body in the first place since it has a lot of adverse effects. In an effort to stop nicotine consumption, you need to stay away from it.

However, sudden withdrawal will probably not help. Some people have tried to stop the consumption all of a sudden, but they had to deal with extreme symptoms. You should seek the right treatment. There are many treatment choices available for this condition. Have you heard of nicotine replacement therapy? The body will suffer a lot when it experiences a shortage of nicotine. So, it is not considered as a good option. The body needs to get used to smaller amounts of nicotine first. Therefore, instead of stopping nicotine supply, you can just use this kind of therapy.

Nicotine gum doesn’t contain a high level of nicotine. It’s used in this treatment because it has proven to be effective. So that you don’t chew any more tobacco, this can be a replacement. You may have also heard of vapes or electronic cigarettes. People use them for recreational purposes. Some people resort to this option because they don’t want to touch tobacco anymore. Well, people who are trying to quit probably still have a problem with vapes since they have no nicotine at all. The best approach is to do it one step at a time. If nicotine gum is the best option, then go for it. Although it contains nicotine, it is less harmful than that in tobacco.

It can take months to give up on cigarettes. It is not a big deal since this happens to almost everyone who tries to quit smoking. Also, you must deal with constant cravings. Even if you have stopped it for a few years, the urge can come back out of nowhere. Don’t be surprised as the brain has stored all the good memories associated with smoking. You already know the pleasure of nicotine. Try to fight those feelings, so that you don’t go back to your old habit. The treatment you get needs to be implemented throughout your life. For instance, chewing nicotine gum helps beat the urge because it normally comes from the mouth.

You may still remember how good cigarettes felt in the mouth. Your concern is to get rid of that sensation. What this gum does is to suppress that urge. Sure, it has a certain amount of nicotine, but it is not as damaging as the nicotine levels in cigarettes. Therefore, you can chew it safely. Cravings are a normal phenomenon. Just don’t worry because they will go away eventually. The brain has been accustomed to this toxic substance, so when it doesn’t get enough, it will signal the body through withdrawal symptoms.

Once you go into withdrawal, that’s the right time to fight. Don’t let the symptoms overcome you. The brain can’t withstand that new condition without nicotine. It needs to be trained to be nicotine free for a certain period of time. It can take a few months or a few years. Just do things that can drift your mind away from the constant cravings. That’s how long does it take to stop nicotine addiction.

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