How Long Does Molly Stay in Your Blood?

How long does molly stay in your blood

How long does molly stay in your blood? The only way to find out is by conducting a drug test. Molly is easily detectable as long as the test is taken quickly after someone has consumed this drug. We told you the other day that the detection period is around 1 or 2 days in urine testing. Blood testing usually offers similar results. However, we still have to take into account a number of variables. Bear in mind that some drugs are much easier to detect, while others require much more effort to detect. There are many other factors, among others, metabolism, BMI which accounts for height and weight, fluid intake, age, etc.

Drinking plenty of fluid helps flush out molly faster. Therefore, when someone has taken this drug and it turns out that he drinks lots of water afterwards, it will be much harder to detect the drug in his body. Other determining factors like health conditions also count. Everyone has a different physical condition. We can’t rule out all these factors because they need to be considered in every drug test. How long does molly stay in your blood? The timetable of molly staying in the blood is relatively shorter than it is in other parts of the body. Remember that apart from blood, other parts like the saliva, urine, and hair can also be tested.

A saliva test, for instance, probably provides a more accurate result knowing the detection period for this typical testing usually lasts longer, up to 5 days. Which test should someone take? Urine and blood tests are arguably more popular than others as they provide quicker results, but the rest are just as effective. For the record, all kinds of substances can be tested through these testing methods. Even a small piece of food that we consume has substances that can be detected. It will be broken down by the digestive system and the smaller particles will be distributed to the blood. That is why it is possible to detect any substance through the blood because everything is transported by the blood before it is eliminated from the system.

How long does molly stay in your blood? It usually stays there for a couple of hours. It is worth mentioning that the half-life of molly is around 8-9 hours. However, the detection period may be extended when someone takes a higher dosage. It will wear off eventually if the person stops taking it. It won’t last forever in the system if the body is still properly functioning. We have the liver responsible for diminishing the side effects of molly and other medications. The organ is our first line-defense against harmful substances as it serves to filter toxins from the blood. Detection period is not directly related to the side effects.

The detection period may be shorter, but the side effects can last way longer than that. We have also explained them to you. They include difficulty in sustaining focus and doing simple tasks. They were only visible side effects that can easily be observed by the naked eye. These drugs also have an impact on the system as well. The higher the dosage, the worse they affect the system. They can raise blood pressure levels and even cause behavioral changes if they are abused in a compulsive manner over a long period of time. A blood test is also influenced by the frequency of drug use. The more often someone takes molly, the higher the chance of getting a positive result. Besides the blood, other organs like the liver and kidneys also contribute to the half-life of molly as they have to do with the elimination of toxins.

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