How Many Days Late Can Your Period Be?

How many days late can your period be

How many days late can your period be? It can be from a few days to a few weeks. If it turns out that you have had your period late by more than 5 days, then you might need to think of the possible causes. A late period may not be scary if it happens due to pregnancy. When someone is sexually active, then the chance of conceiving a baby is high. Let’s say you are 6 days late on your period. We think it is time to take a pregnancy test to find it out. It is easy to achieve a pregnancy kit, so taking the test should be done easily at home.

Besides pregnancy, there are also non-pregnancy causes. Menstrual cycles may happen around the same time each month. Hence, you can’t expect it will happen on the exact same date. It might come a bit sooner or later, but you do not need to stress over it. Most importantly, there are many ways to bring your menstrual cycle back to normal. How many days late can your period be?  It only becomes a great concern when the period hasn’t happened in a long time, like a month or so. At this point, the best thing to do is go to the doctor before things get worse.

Your doctor would help diagnose the problems and give you advice. You’d probably be asked to change your eating habits, do exercises, reduce stress, and more useful tips. As said before, there are many reasons why this happens. It can happen due to hormonal imbalance, stress, etc. Weight should also be taken into consideration. It is a common knowledge that weight affects the way the hypothalamus works. This gland is the one responsible for the processes going on in the body. If you’ve just managed to lose some weight and a late period happened afterwards, both are probably linked to each other. (Read also: How To Make Your Period Stop Faster)

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How many days late can your period be? Weight loss is one of the possible causes

Experiencing a weight loss especially an extreme one can put a strain on the hypothalamus. As a result, the estrogen may not be released and we know for sure that it affects ovulation. Gaining too much weight isn’t any better. This can lead to overproduction of estrogen, which again has an impact on ovulation. Doing vigorous exercises can also be the cause. While it is good to work out, going overboard with it is just bad. Your body needs proper rest, so never overdo it. A missed period for someone who exercises too much is very possible. Please strike a balance between exercising and resting.

How many days late can your period be?  If it wasn’t too late, put your worry to rest. It may happen eventually. But if it was indeed too late, call your doctor. Charting the monthly period is a good idea to know when you should expect it next month. Make a note of when the period begins and ends. This way, it becomes easier to guess your upcoming period.

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How many days late can your period be? And please watch your diet!

Next, you must go on a healthy diet. Stay away from processed foods and other kinds of unhealthy diet. Your body needs nutrients to grow well. The organs in particular need them to carry out their jobs. A change in schedule might help, too. Just like we said, the body reacts differently to different kinds of conditions. Take this as an example, you used to sleep at 10. And then, you’ve got a lot of work to do and have stayed up till midnight ever since. This can affect the way your body releases hormones and result in a missed period.

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