How To Break A Fever In A Dog

How to break a fever in a dog

Just like humans, dogs can get sick, too. What are the signs of a sick dog? The most noticeable symptom is usually a decrease in appetite. When your dog has been sick for days, it can also suffer from other problems, including weight loss. Therefore, it is a good idea to take it to a vet instead of letting it heal on its own because it can be dangerous for its health. Every condition is different. Your dog may face a serious issue if the fever doesn’t last after a few days. How to break a fever in a dog? We will share some tips, but make sure you know the signs first.

Vomiting is another common sign. A sick pet can vomit due to indigestion. It must be addressed before it gets worse. The intestinal tract has a hard time to digest food for a few reasons, like it may have been invaded by bacteria. When a dog gets sick, it also tends to drink a lot more water than usual. As opposed to appetite, its thirst will increase. If your dog drinks more water than it usually does and shows other suspicious signs, then it is a good idea to take it to a vet. There are medicines made for dogs. The vet would prescribe a fever reducer, so that its body temperature goes back to the normal more quickly.

Choose a safe-formulated animal medicine like aspirin. This works quickly in lowering a dog’s temperature. Don’t quick to say that your dog is having a fever. You need to wait a bit longer in order to read the signs. A dog being lethargic doesn’t necessarily mean it has a fever. Take its body temperature to be sure. Over-the-counter medications for humans should never be given to pets. You may think that dogs are powerful, but they respond differently to drugs compared to us. For this reason, don’t ever give your dog ibuprofen or another medicine that we usually take when having a fever. They will not help, but can cause a problem, instead.

Sure, medicines are made to treat diseases. However, they can be toxic when not consumed in moderation or by a wrong person. Fluids are probably the best treatment for a feverish dog. It makes sense that your dog keeps drinking when its body temperature rises. Water ensures that the temperature is in check. Therefore, the best thing you can do to a sick dog is to provide enough water. Just so you know, dehydration has to do with fever. The body needs more water to replenish lost fluids through sweating and urination.

Lukewarm bath can also do wonders. Your dog would likely refuse to be bathed when it feels sick. There is no need to do the regular bathing. Just rub its body with a wet sponge. It can help reduce the temperature. Lowering it is the biggest target. The normal range for a dog is between 100.5 and 102.5 ° F. Any reading above the latter figure may suggest that a dog is having a fever.

A fever reducer temporarily may work, but it still needs veterinary attention. There are many causes of a fever. It may have swallowed something containing toxins before. Or it probably has to do with an immune system disorder. You never know before the vet makes a proper diagnosis. Fever is not a disease. It is an early sign of a disease. When your dog has a fever, it means there is something going on in its body. That’s how to break a fever in a dog.

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