How to Break Your Ankle Without Pain?

How to break your ankle without pain

How to break your ankle without pain? It sounds very crazy, right? But there are enough crazy people in this world to even have a thought of breaking their ankles. Well, it is easy to break the ankle. It actually is much hard to fix it. We know that the bones are strong, but strong isn’t unbreakable. They can still be broken when they are hit hard. Is it possible to break the ankle without pain, though? It sounds interesting, but anything is possible. We will make a list of ways to break that part of the leg. However, we strongly do not recommend you to do any of these because there is nothing pleasant about it.

You must understand the consequences if you want to try. Do you have a baseball bat? It may be made of solid wood. Do you think wood is stronger than a bone? It depends on what bone we’re talking about. There are many bones in the body with different densities. As for the ankle, it is still possible to do damage to that part using a baseball bat. If you do that alone, you may be a little reluctant. But let someone hit your leg with your consent. He will probably break it in no time. However, that is the pain that you must deal afterwards. A broken ankle causes terrible pain. If you can’t handle it, you can pass out.

How to break your ankle without pain? They say jumping can do that. It is not hard to see someone breaking his legs from falling. It is actually one of the easiest ways to do it. Like, for instance, hitting your ankle with a bat will probably not break it since you may be halfhearted with that. Jumping from a high place can be fatal because guess what, many people choose this as an attempt of suicide. It depends on the altitude from which the person jumps. If it isn’t high enough, chances are the person will survive but with broken limbs and other bones. If you land on one leg after jumping high enough, the ankle can be broken as well.

Another crazy way to do it is by dropping a large stone on the ankle. This sounds promising. It is not hard to imagine how it works because a rock is much heavier and stronger than a leg. It will be painful, though. That is the first that you have to cope with. Another possible way with a little chance of success is overusing the leg. Running nonstop over a long distance can cause a broken ankle, but athletes rarely deal with this. That’s why we think this wouldn’t work for most people. The risk of breaking the ankle is only high for those with weak bones. We need to tell you again that breaking the ankle on purpose is not a good idea.

Sure, there are many ways to do that, but recovering from it takes a lot more time. Besides, your ankles are an important asset. When they don’t work, you can’t walk. This is no different from a handicapped person who has mobility issues. How to break your ankle without pain? It will still feel painful unless you’ve taken painkillers beforehand. A car accident especially a severe one is enough to put someone through this ordeal. We can only advise you not to try these crazy ideas. There is nothing like having a strong and healthy body. It is better that you learn how to prevent that from happening.

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