How To Break Your Arm Easily At Home

How to break your arm easily at home

If you want to know how to break your arm easily at home, then read the following explanation. The arms mean a lot to everyone, so it makes sense that hurting them is a total stupidity. It is important to realize that we write and do stuff using our hands. So when one of them is damaged, it will get you into trouble. You will no longer be able to do things like normal. No matter whether it is the forearm or the elbow, it will cause a lot of problems when it’s broken. Is it easy to break a bone? We don’t think so because bones are typically stronger than reinforced concrete

However, it is not impossible to break them. It just takes a lot of force to do that. Sometimes it can be as easy putting your arm in a weird position. Or you can try to jump out of the window in the bedroom. Make sure the bedroom is on the second floor, so that you fall from quite a high place. If it wasn’t too high, the damage will be minimal. Textbooks can be used to break the arm, too. Do you find it surprising? Well, a pile of books can weigh 7lbs. Weight is all that matters. Whether the objects come in the form of books or a pair of dumbbells, they will break the arm either way.

If you have a lot of books in the bookshelf, take some out and tie them up with a string. Put one of your arms on the floor and drop the books from a high place. Make sure it hits right in the middle of the forearm. Since it is impossible to place the pile at a high location, ask someone to do that. Another thing that can lead to a fracture is tripping. It sounds simple, but this kind of accident will put you at that risk easily. It is hard to control the body weight when we trip over something. The heavier you are, the bigger the chance to get your arm fractured. You can also run into the wall with the palm straight in front of you.

Just keep running and hit the concrete. This may be successful depending on how fast your acceleration is. Have you fallen down stairs? This will most likely cause some damage. If it’s mild, then you’re lucky. But it can be a lot worse, like a broken arm. You can’t control yourself when rolling down the stairs, so it is hard to predict which bones that will be affected. Your arm can also be broken after opening a door. This sounds strange, but anything is possible. When you push the door to open it, your arm can get affected.

It is possible that the door is completely locked, so trying hard to open it will only hurt the arm. This is quite a simple way to get your forearm cracked. Are there any bricks scattered around? They can also be used to reach this goal. Bricks are firm and heavy. They can generate enough force to break your bone. 2 large bricks are probably equal to a dumbbell. Drop them on to your forearm. We bet you’ll scream out loud due to intense pain. Whether or not the arm is broken, pain will appear and the area will swell up right away. That’s how to break your arm easily at home.

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