How To Break Your Arm Falling Down Stairs

How to break your arm falling down stairs

A broken bone should be treated immediately no matter how you get it. One of the most common scenarios of someone breaking his arm is by falling down the stairs. Therefore, you need to be careful while walking down stairs. How to break your arm falling down stairs? We don’t need to provide instructions. Just walk haphazardly or with eyes closed, you will tip over in no time. It hurts so bad when you land at the bottom. What should be done during this situation? The best thing you can do is to make an emergency call. If there is someone around, ask him to take you to a nearby medical facility.

A broken bone should not be overlooked regardless of its severity. If it triggers sharp pain, it shows that the fracture is serious and needs to be treated immediately. It can turn into a life-threatening situation. The longer time has passed, the worse for the patient because many fractures are open fractures. If there is so much blood coming out of the affected site, you can’t waste time waiting for help. Just call the hospital or someone you know can reach out to you as soon as possible. The length of the recovery process is determined by the severity of the injury.

You know that there are some different bones in the arm, right? They vary in density. If you happened to break the thickest one and it snapped, it would take longer to heal. There are many things going on following an injury. Pain is usually the first to appear and then you will notice that the skin changes color. The site will also swell up or get bigger than before. The doctor can prescribe strong pain medication if it feels unbearable. There are many types of painkillers with different compounds. If the fracture is not open, it may recover at a faster rate because there is no incision.

However, you will still experience symptoms like chills or fever. This is quite common. You will also suffer from a decreased appetite. It is not a big deal considering that it’ll last a few days. Pain is probably the biggest problem of all. It is the most striking thing about a fracture. As for the swelling, it will go down also within a few weeks. Just make sure to get physical therapy because it can help restore your mobility. It is a crazy idea to fall downstairs knowing that it can end up fatal. Many people have died from this kind of accidents.

We are sure you don’t want to cope up with this nightmare. If you’re lucky, the arm will get better in two months. It can take shorter if the fracture is not too serious. But if it is, then you have to wrap it in a sling for a couple of months. Many people find that their muscles become stiff after the cast is taken off. It makes sense because the muscles need to stay active to maintain their flexibility. But it doesn’t mean you will lose the ability forever. It just takes physical therapy to bring the flexibility back. As long as you comply with the rehab protocol, everything will return to normal eventually. That’s how to break your arm falling down stairs.

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