How To Break Your Arm In The Shower

How to break your arm in the shower

How to break your arm in the shower? Make sure you don’t clean the floor for a long time. It will cause mildew to grow on its surface and end up being slippery. Many people have slipped in the shower. The worst part is this accident can lead to serious injuries. If you just fracture your arm, then you’re lucky. But if your head hits the ground as well, it will cause severe trauma. It can be untreatable since the brain is a vital organ, yet very prone to damage. People fall all the time, but these cases are common to happen in bathrooms.

For this reason, you need to be careful when taking a shower. Please clean the room regularly because if you don’t, the floor will be slippery. It is either because the growth of mildew or soap buildup. It is good when someone doesn’t lose consciousness after having an injury in the bathroom. He can make an emergency call right away. But if the accident causes the person to faint, it will be a different story. A broken bone is not the biggest concern. The biggest concern is when you pass out after that incident. Many people live alone in their apartments. This kind of event can turn out to be dangerous because the brain needs to be treated immediately when it is damaged by trauma.

Have you ever slipped on a slippery surface? There is no need to wait until the bathroom is covered in mildew. Just try to walk over a banana peel. You will fall down easily. Now it is a matter of whether the hand or the butt lands first. Both can cause severe pain, anyway. You would never want this to happen. How long does it take to recover? A fracture usually takes more than eight weeks to be completely healed. There is a series of treatments and cautionary methods to help with this condition. For example, you will be required to wear a cast for weeks until the bone fragments are back in place. It also helps limit the range of motion.

Well, during this period, the arm needs to be fully rested. Moving the affected site will prolong the recovery process. If the doctor told you to rest for 10 weeks, just follow his advice. It is quite normal to rest this long. You can move around with a knee scooter after a few weeks. Just be cautious because the fracture can get worse if you don’t take care of it well. Many people seem to underestimate their injury just because it doesn’t hurt. Just because the pain is no longer present doesn’t mean the bone is already healed. The only way to find out is by having an X-Ray scan. The bone hides beneath the skin, so it is not visible through the naked eye.

If the left arm is broken, use the right one to do activities. Don’t ever use the injured part to do things if you don’t want to be on crutches for a long time. All the problems can be avoided by being careful. It is not rocket science, anyway. What should you do following this injury? Seek medical help as soon as possible. It will not be surprising if you need to go to the emergency room, but it depends on the severity of the injury. Sometimes the pain can be unbearable and immediate medical assistance is needed. Remember than this type of injury can hurt more than just one bone. The metacarpals can also be affected if they hit the ground first. That’s how to break your arm in the shower.

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