How To Break Your Arm With Ice

How to break your arm with ice

How to break your arm with ice? This is quite an easy question. You have seen a block of ice, haven’t you? Just drop one from a high place. Let it fall onto your arm and it will break one of the bones. It is not that hard to do. We know that the arm is strong, but a block of ice is heavy enough to generate a lot of force. Ice blocks have been used for various purposes. They can chill our drinks. They can also preserve foods. If you want to get an ice block, visit a local supplier. They are available everywhere. People love ice, so it won’t be hard to come across these chunks. They are made of frozen water. Just so you know, ice comes in a variety of forms. Ice blocks are popular. They are huge, hefty, and economical.

But there are also smaller versions. Making small ice cubes are easy because you only need a refrigerator. The thing is ice cubes are pretty light. It takes a large number of ice cubes to break something. If you want to try it, then get a cloth. It should be pretty broad, so that the fabric can wrap all the ice cubes. Seal it tightly. You would want the ice to be put close together and secured tightly. After that, drop it from a high place onto your right arm. Place the arm on the floor and make sure the location of the ice is high enough. It is to ensure that the ice generates enough force.

Ice is not that strong to begin with. Even a large chunk of ice is easily cut in half with a hard tool. Bones are naturally stronger than these things. Also, ice is easy to melt. Just place it at room temperature. It will melt within a few minutes, but it also depends on the volume. A larger piece of ice would take time to melt. It will return to its original form, which is water. Water can’t do damage to the bone like ice does. Therefore, if you want to snap your arm intentionally, then it should be in a solid form, like an ice block. All of us love ice. It is pretty much tasteless, but it is not the reason why people drink it. Ice makes beverages much tastier. It is a fact that beverages taste better when they are cool.

We usually stock up of ice cubes in the fridge and drink them when the temperatures are soaring. Ice is used in various fields. Aside from chilling drinks, it is also used to preserve food. It is actually better than salt for a number of reasons. Firstly, ice doesn’t change the taste like salt. Secondly, it is also cheap because to make ice, all it takes is a device that can drop temperatures significantly. If you are intent on hurting your arm with a block of ice, it should be pretty big.

Keep in mind that larger blocks take longer to melt. If you live in a tropical place where the temperatures soar during the day, then it would be harder to keep an ice block intact for too long. Or this can be done indoors to prevent the interference of high temperatures. Large ice blocks are more expensive, but they are still water, so they will not cost that much. Ice makers deliver their products to bars, restaurants, and other local businesses. So, search for a supplier first. That’s how to break your arm with ice

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