How To Break Your Wrist Fast And Painless

How to break your wrist fast and painless

How to break your wrist fast and painless? First of all, there is no way to do this without pain involved unless you pass out right after having the injury. Another way to do it is by numbing the site first. None wants to hurt their arm on purpose because it hurts so bad. Props to anyone who has the courage to do it, but we still no see the benefits of committing this action. You should realize that pain is inevitable. No matter how mild the injury is, there will be some sort of pain you have to endure.

When someone asks to fracture the arm, it is actually not hard. All you have to do is get a sledgehammer and slam it against your forearm. It is enough to cause a fracture. This is more like a stupid thing to do. Is pain the only reason not to do this? Nope, there are many reasons why you should never do it. It takes months to heal a fracture especially if it injures more than just one bone. We will never suggest it because it takes an indeterminable amount of time to restore its functionality. Twisting is another way to break the arm.

You can do it simply by asking somebody to twist your arm with a lot of force. Before doing it, make sure you’ve prepared for painkillers because they can help suppress the pain after you’ve injured the arm. There are many pain-relieving drugs in stores, but they should be taken in moderation. You can’t overdo them or it will lead to an overdose. Some are recommended, while others are prohibited. Aspirin, for instance, is not good considering it works as a blood-thinner. It doesn’t provide any benefits to take this drug because it slows down the recovery of an injury. Some people are afraid to use a sledgehammer. Well, this can be too big for your bones to handle.

Using a sledgehammer can have an impact on multiple bones. We believe you are not intent on hurting multiple bones all at once. To avoid it, the best replacement is a hammer. Even a small one can generate enough force to break one of the bones that make up the forearm. A large one is effective to destroy the whole part, so you probably don’t need it. Carefully rest your arm on a flat surface. It can be a table or the floor. Look for a surface upon which you can place your arm comfortably. And then, try to hit it right in the middle. If you’re afraid to do so, just drop it, instead. A heavy object like this can generate a lot of force to crack a bone.

There are many other methods. Some people have tried to execute some, but failed. The biggest reason why a method fails is because you are too worried about hurting yourself. It makes sense because when there is fear, you will be reluctant to do it seriously. There are actually many things to do so, like falling off a tree, falling down stairs, doing stupid stunts, etc. Some are riskier than others, though.

For example, falling off a tree is considered more dangerous than hitting the arm with a hefty object. Both can do damage, but the first one can go beyond that. Think again before doing any of these stunts. Our lives are pretty much dependent on the limbs. The arms and hands in particular are needed to do daily activities. Your life will be miserable when they’re inactive due to an injury. That’s how to break your wrist fast and painless.

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