How to Get Rid of Back and Neck Pain by Stretching and Sleeping Properly

how to get rid of back and neck pain by stretching and sleeping properly

Surely, getting neck pain after looking down at your computer, driving for a long time, and starting at your Smartphone can be unbearable to keep and endure so long. There is no need to worry indeed for there have been many solutions of how to get rid of back and neck pain. Some of them would simply doing some stretching and sleeping properly. Let’s talk more about it to get to know it then.

The Way to Stretch to Send the Pain Away
Relieving the pain in the back and neck lies in proper stretching and manipulation. Depending on your current position, you will have to do all sorts of stretching exercises. When sitting in front of a monitor for example, you will need to put the monitor at eye level. You will then have to sit straight and make sure you don’t tilt and twist your head down or to the side. This should do the job here.

How about the when we are driving or using Smartphone then? In such occasions, you will need to take frequent breaks. Other than that, you just need to make sure that your neck does not bend forward for a long time. While these can be simple posture and stretches you can afford to do, you will still need to do some real stretching exercises to deal with both back and neck pain. There are some things you can be sure to try here.

How to get rid of back and neck pain? First of all, you need to do backward and downward shoulder rolling for 10 times. Besides such exercise, you can also do shoulder blade squeezing for 10 times as well. If not, you can make an effort of pushing your head backwards, to the car head rest when driving. Hold this position for as long as 30 seconds. Lastly, you can also bring ear to the shoulder and do this for as much as 10 times too.

The Way to Sleep Properly on Your Bed
Indeed, proper sleeping is important to get both of the back and neck right. You need to learn how to sleep properly if you want to get the pain relieved though. So, pay attention to your own sleeping positions. When it comes to that, the rule is only to never sleep on your stomach. In other words, you will have to sleep either on your side or on your back only. Did you know why it should be so?

It is because sleeping on stomach has always ended up twisting our head, for hours at a time to add. Also, since your belly will sink to the bed if you sleep so, your low back will be affected by it as well. If not, you can always try sleeping on a firm mattress. Leave the pillow alone and sleep there. You can use special neck pillow if you want to though as the way of how to get rid of back and neck pain.
Description: How to get rid of back and neck pain? You need some stretches even while you are in your positions. You will need to have correct sleeping postures too.

Last Updated: April 18th, 2017 by maswk