How To Quit Nicotine Gum Addiction

How to quit nicotine gum addiction

Nicotine gum is one of the therapies used to treat nicotine addiction. Don’t get it twisted because many think that people chew it for recreational purposes. It makes you feel a bit relieved especially when dealing with withdrawal symptoms. However, it is worth-noting this is not supposed to be a long-term treatment. You should not chew the gum for a long period of time because as simple as it may sound, it still contains nicotine. How to quit nicotine gum addiction? Are there any side effects from chewing it? Some people have complained about them.

They said that they experienced hair loss and stomach ulcer after consuming this gum. Nicotine regardless of the amount is considered toxic, so the body will have a hard time processing it. Nausea is one of the most common symptoms. Some people also experience uncomfortable stomach. Sleep deprivation can also happen due to excessive consumption of nicotine gum. It seems like there is a multitude of problems, but it is still used as a means for therapy. Although it comes in the form of a gum, it is the content that makes it work as a substitute to cigarettes. When you go into withdrawal, you will suffer from unpleasant feelings.

It has to do with a shortage of nicotine supply. Thankfully, the cravings for nicotine can be treated temporarily with this gum. All you have to do is chew some. It tastes like any other gum. It comes in a variety of flavors. How effective is this treatment? Just so you know, it comes in different strengths. Depending on the product, it can come in 2mg and 4mg. It works quickly after entering the body. You need to chew one piece every two hours to curb the cravings. This needs to be repeated for a few weeks to ensure that you don’t have to deal with extreme withdrawal symptoms. Even though you’re no longer addicted to cigarettes, there is still some sort of addiction when you can’t get rid of this gum because there is nicotine in it.

Your goal is to completely ditch anything that contains this toxic substance. It takes time to break the habit, but it’s worth it. After a few weeks, you may be told to stop taking nicotine gum. Certain symptoms will appear shortly after. Just relax yourself by taking deep breaths. Remember that you are committed to breaking nicotine addiction. It is not about attachment to cigarettes because they are not the only things with nicotine content. To suppress the cravings, drink water, instead. Also, try to take your attention away from this substance by gardening, doing home chores, and talking to people. Meditation will help, but many people have trouble emptying their minds. If you’re accustomed to chewing gum, try to chew the regular version.

Regular gum has little to no side effects when compared to the nicotine version. At least it will not cause addiction. It is understandable if you feel anxious or nervous after that. It shows that the body is still in a craving mode, but it is probably much milder than when you first quit smoking. Constant chewing is actually good for oral health. As long as the gum is made of healthy ingredients, you can chew it on a regular basis. There are many other alternatives, like cucumber and carrots. We know it is not fun to eat these things especially when they are still raw, but they are much better than nicotine. Also, try to avoid the triggers, like stay away from people who smoke. That’s how to quit nicotine gum addiction.

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