How To Quit Smoking In 6 Weeks

How to quit smoking in 6 weeks

What happens to the body when you stop smoking? There’s a lot going on within the system when you decide to kick this bad habit. However, the first two weeks are the most crucial phase. We will tell you how to quit smoking in 6 weeks, but let’s find out what happens during the first 2 weeks after stopping it. You will start to experience withdrawal symptoms, like cravings. They are usually so prominent and bothering, but remember that your lungs start to heal as soon as you start getting treatment. The lungs have the ability to repair themselves when you don’t disrupt their job by taking harmful substances.

The risk of cancer will drop dramatically, even if it has only been a week. Meanwhile, your blood pressure will return to normal or at least go down. When the blood pressure has increased to such a high level, it will be harder to bring it down. But by making healthy lifestyle changes, you will be able to lower it to a healthy level. It will also directly affect oxygen flow in the body. Oxygen flow becomes smooth again because you no longer consume toxins like you used to do. It is a critical biological process that can’t be overlooked. Poor oxygen circulation is a cause of several health problems, including stroke and heart attack. So, we’re sure you want to keep it in check.

The toxins in tobacco play a big role in the blockage of oxygen flow. Some people also feel that they can breathe more freely after a few weeks. This has to do with the fact that the lung capacity increases after the toxins are removed from the body. There are many other great benefits you will enjoy. But, what are the steps to take if you want to completely be free from this toxic substance? We know it is hard to ditch nicotine due to its addictive nature. Firstly, identify when you usually light cigarettes. Is it after you finish a meal or while watching television? It is important because everyone has a different smoking habit.

Change the brand of your cigarettes. This may sound absurd, but you have to try it. Also, write down the amount of money you spend daily on these things. Next, every time you have the urge to light a cigarette, wait for like 10 minutes before you go. This is to train your patience. When you can do it without a problem, it means you have gained better control over the cravings. Keep writing down the number of cigarettes you have every week. Try to reduce them week after week. This is also helpful to manage the cravings. Never go back to the original brand. We suggest you keep switching from one brand to another. This is to cut your attachment to a specific brand.

Some people who happen to be heavy smokers are like this. They have only one favorite brand. All these steps aim to change your perception of cigarettes. You should learn the hard way to cut your dependence on these things because they don’t offer anything good to the body. On the 4th week, wait a little longer before you light a cigarette. You started with 10 minutes, then increase gradually to 40 minutes or so. The longer you can wait, the better. It shows that you’re well aware of the urge and can consciously control it. By the sixth week, you will no longer have an emotional attachment to cigarettes and this is a good thing. That’s how to quit smoking in 6 weeks.

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