How to Relieve Back Neck Pain with Exercises

how to relieve back neck pain with exercises

Neck pain can happen to anyone. Mostly, neck pain happens on the back. Back neck pain may be caused by different factors. We know that wrong sleeping position may cause back neck pain. Besides that car accident or other factors can also cause this pain. Actually, it does not belong to serious injury. However, if you do not treat it soon, it may get the worse condition. So, you have to know how to relieve back neck pain. It can be treated by many ways. One of the easiest methods is exercise. There are many kinds of exercises that you can try. Here they are:

Static Back Exercise
This is the first exercise that you can try for the way how to treat back neck pain. It can be done simply and easily. Firstly, you just need to lie on your home floor where you place your legs on an ottoman or chair. Besides that, you place your knees as well as hips at 90 degrees. After that, you should place the arms on floor t about 45 degrees with your both palms up. Practice it for about 10 minutes every day.

Static Extension Position
How to remedy back neck pain can also be done with this exercise. You can start it by placing the wrist under the shoulder and the knees under the hips. After that, walk out your hands in front of you around 6 inches and shift forward your body. Then keep locked your elbows and also allow the shoulder blades for collapsing together. Next, hang your head to allow your neck for releasing. Then, relax the stomach. Hold for a couple minutes. This will be an effective exercise how to relieve back neck pain.

Static Wall Exercise
The next exercise that belongs to the ways how to fix back neck pain is static wall. What you need to do is to lie on the floor & scoot into a wall where your legs should straight up. After that, pull the toes back & then tighten the thighs. Hold it for about 3 minutes. If you do it well, this will be very effective to fix your back neck pain fast.

Sitting Floor Exercise
You can also consider doing this exercise. Firstly, you must sit on floor where your back should up against wall whereas the feet hip-width apart. Then, pull the shoulder blades down. Next, tighten the thighs as well as pull the toes back. Hold it for round 3 minutes. If you do it rightly and regularly, your back neck pain will be relieved soon.

Frog Exercise
Another most recommended exercise how to relieve back neck pain is frog exercise. It requires you to line on floor where your feet and knees apart. After that, place the palms up at 45 degrees. Then, hang out & relax for about a couple minutes. If you do it rightly, you will find that your back neck will be relieved soon. Hopefully this will be useful.

Description: How to relieve back neck pain can be done with various exercises such as frog exercise, sitting floor, static extension position, static wall, and static back.

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