How To Stop Nicotine Gum Addiction

How to stop nicotine gum addiction

Nicotine gum is part of nicotine replacement therapy. But interestingly enough, this can also become an addictive matter. Yes, it has a lower concentration of nicotine, but it is still the same substance. Experts use it to help people better manage their cravings. In other words, this gum provides a relief and makes you less dependence on tobacco. How to stop nicotine gum addiction? Is this a serious condition? It can be if you can never stop chewing it. Each drug has side effects from mild to severe. To those who use nicotine gum, please don’t abuse it. Take it in moderation to avoid the side effects. It can upset your stomach and cause other problems.

Well, it is a better alternative to tobacco. Long-term use is not recommended at all because it can end up being addictive. What is the point of ditching cigarettes when you can’t still control your cravings for this chemical? It is advised that we don’t use it for more than 12 weeks. That was the upper limit. Some people chew it for years, and this is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. The goal of getting treatment is to break your physical and physiological attachments to nicotine. And if you can’t get rid of this gum, it means that the urge is still there. Aside from the aforementioned ones, other side effects include high blood pressure and glaucoma.

So, it is better to stop consuming it as early as possible. The longer you use it, the more you will be addicted. Remember that there are many other therapies that can be used. Do not focus on one treatment. You should combine several different methods to achieve the best results. The battle is far from over if the cravings still persist. For years, therapists have been using nicotine gums and patches. They do work, but still contain this chemical. It can take months or even years to get over it. Consult your doctor because he would tell you when to give up on it. The short-term benefits are great because this gum actually helps the body adapt to the new lifestyle. It also makes the withdrawal period more bearable.

For a heavy smoker, the withdrawal symptoms can be a deal breaker. Those who can’t stand feeling uneasy and restless will go back to the old habit. Just so you know, nicotine gum is a short-term smoking cessation aid. The same applies to nicotine patches. For this reason, it is not a good idea to abuse it for whatever reason. Even if it becomes part of longer treatment, it shouldn’t be used more than a year. Do not overlook the side effects. You should know that better gum can be bad for oral health especially when it contains a lot of sugar. This version may be sugar-free, but nicotine is far more dangerous. Reports show that chewing too much gum can cause chronic jaw pain. It can also interfere with the immune system.

There are many other issues that you will not even want to hear. At least by knowing the risks, you will think twice before using it for an extended period of time. Also, it is important to draw a line between addiction and irrational fear. Some people who find themselves chewing gum a lot doesn’t necessarily mean they’re addicted. It is just they are too afraid that the cravings will come back. If it is the case, then please use your common sense. Don’t let the fear stop you from getting rid of nicotine gum because it is part of the treatment, so long-term use is not recommended. That’s how to stop nicotine gum addiction.

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