How To Stop Smoking Addiction

How to stop smoking addiction

How to stop smoking addiction? To stop smoking has never been easy at least to most of us. But it is not impossible, either. Just choose the right treatment that works for you. Some people find cold turkey effective. Others have tried, but failed miserably. If cold turkey did nothing for you, then try to do it slowly. Sometimes it is better to cut down on cravings gradually. It is to prevent you from going into extreme withdrawal. First of all, make a quit plan. It is the first essential step. You can use any treatment you like, but it should always be started with making this decision.

It is okay to take the slow lane. If this can bring you closer to success, that’s all that matters. Instead of stocking up on cigarettes, please cut down on the supply. For example, if you always smoke up to 4 a day, then limit to only 3. Reduce the number gradually. The final goal is to smoke only once a day and finally be free from this habit. It takes time to do it, though. This method has many advantages. Not only can you avoid extreme withdrawal symptoms, this method is also much less stressful. Quitting nicotine should be fun, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just stick to the plan that has been created.

Set a timeframe in advance. For instance, you want to cut one cigarette per week. It means that the plan will go for a month. As for the cravings, keep yourself busy. Don’t think of cigarettes all the time because it will only trigger the temptation to smoke. Instead, take up new activities. Increase your exercise levels because working out is a good way to stay busy. Another important thing is to change your routine. Like if you always smoke after having a meal, then get up and do something else afterwards. This is to shift your focus away from the chemical. Nicotine is highly addictive. We’ve always told you that. For this reason, change the routine.

Also, give rewards to yourself whenever you manage to reach a goal. This will motivate you to stay on track and not give up easily. Family support is also important. Some people have the tenacity to comply with the plan they have made, but a lack of support from family and friends make them lose the patience. Therefore, surround yourself with positive people. We are sure many friends care and are willing to help. If they know that you shouldn’t be around them when they’re smoking, they will try to keep a distance. Or they will no longer offer cigarettes because this can trigger the cravings.

There are support groups that can help you go through the whole situation. They will give a helping hand. The best part is they know what they do because they have dealt with people with similar issues before. Joining a support group is not mandatory, but this would give a greater chance of success. They have a broad knowledge when it comes to managing withdrawal symptoms and others. They can also tell you the best strategies with the highest success rates.

What are those strategies? Nicotine substitutes are one example. Nicotine replacement therapy has long been used to treat people with addiction problems. There are nicotine gum and patches. Both have this chemical content, but in safer amounts. They can help alleviate severe withdrawal symptoms and make it less irritating. That’s how to stop smoking addiction. Good luck

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