How to Treat Muscle Pain in Back and Neck with Home Remedies

how to treat muscle pain in back and neck with home remedies

Muscle pain is a condition where there is a problem in your muscle. The most common problems related to muscle are on your back and neck. You can imagine how painful it is. If it happens to you, what should you do? Can you treat muscle pain in back and neck at home? There are some home remedies that you can try. However, it should be followed rightly so that your pain will be released well.

Apply Ice Pack
The first method that you can try to treat muscle pain on back and neck is to apply ice pack. Ice or cold is very effective to lower inflammation in the muscle pain area that is affected. So, it can heal your muscle pain. What you have to do is to apply the ice pack on the affected area in about 20 minute intervals during a whole day or 24 hours. The result can be seen fast but it depends on the condition of your muscle pain itself. So, you must try this if muscle pain happens to you.

Apply Heat
It is an alternative if you do not have an ice pack. You can treat back and neck muscle pain by applying heat. Heat is very useful to bring nutrients needed by blood flow. It functions to stimulate the response of healing the pain. There are many people who consider moist heat like from a shower or hot bath. Some other people consider low level heat such as from Thermacare and store brand heat wraps. The method is similar to the first treatment where you use ice pack to relieve muscle pain in back and neck.

Over the Counter Medication
This is the next idea that you can try to remedy neck & back muscle pain. In this idea, you need to take anti-inflammatory medicines. There are many options that you can consider. For example, you can try taking ibuprofen like Advil. Besides that, you can also consider taking naproxen like Aleve. Those medicines will help you lower inflammation and reduce your pain. You can also consider taking pain relievers. For example is acetaminophen like Tylenol that can reduce pain perception. And there are some other options of over counter medications that are available.

The next method that you can try to heal the muscle pain happens on your back and neck is by massage. A gentle massage that is done rightly is very effective to stimulate your blood flow in the muscle pain area. So, the massage should be done accurately and it can help healing the muscle pain. To treat the muscle, people usually only need once massage but the pain cannot go way directly at that time.

Another home remedy that you can do to heal your muscle pain is by stretches. Stretching can be done at home easily. You just need to stretch the parts of affected area carefully and smoothly. Now, you can practice one of the home remedies of muscle pain in back and neck explained above.
Description: Muscle pain in back and neck can be treated with some home remedies. Here are the ideas that you can try if muscle pain happens to you.

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