How to Treat Neck and Back Pain from Sleeping Fast

how to treat neck and back pain from sleeping fast

Have you ever experienced neck and back pain after you wake up from sleeping? There are many people who have experienced this. If you also experience neck and back pain from sleeping, you have to know how to treat it. There are many solutions that can be good treatments for this case. In this article, I will share the most recommended ways and you can follow them.

Do Not Sleep on Stomach
If you often sleep on stomach, you have to try different position of sleeping. It can cause neck and back pain after sleeping getting worse. So, you can consider side sleeping or sleeping on back based on your desired sleeping position.

Use Supportive Posture Pillow
You cannot sleep with too high or too low pillow. Make sure that you use a supportive posture pillow that is ideal for you. It can make you feel comfortable when sleeping and also reduce your neck and back pain caused by sleeping.

Hold Breath to Reduce Pain
If you feel so painful on your neck and back, you can reduce it by holding your breath. It is very effective to reduce the pin effectively. You can repeat this as many as possible until your pain is reduced little by little.

Avoid Stress
Stress can make your neck and back pain from sleeping getting worse. So, you have to avoid stress as you can. If you have many problems, you have to forget them to prevent the worse condition of your pain. You have to refresh your mind.

Apply Ice
You can also reduce back and neck pain after sleeping by applying ice pack on the affected area. However, what to keep in mind is that you cannot apply it directly on your skin. You can use a towel or cloth.

Apply Heat
You can also consider applying heat. For example, you can use a warm towel and use it to compress the affected area for a few minutes. For the best result, you can also ask someone else to massage the affected are smoothly.

Take a Modern Medication
You can also take some modern medications available. In case of neck and back pain, I suggest you to take aspirin. Besides that, you can also consider taking acetaminophen. Then, there is also ibuprofen that is effective to reduce the pain.

Stretch Neck Muscles
It is also very effective to treat neck and back pain. What you need to do is to stretch the muscles of your neck. Because your neck is painful, you should do it slowly. You can start by bending your neck to the front, left, back and then right. Repeat it for as many as times you can.

That is all the treatments that you can follow if you experience neck and back pain from sleeping. After the pain is relieved completely, you should prevent it so that this pain will not happen to you again. Hopefully this will be useful.

Description: Neck and back pain from sleeping can be treated easily. Here are the treatments that you can consider to follow.

Last Updated: April 18th, 2017 by maswk