How to Understand Pain At Top Of Back And Neck

how to understand pain at top of back and neck

Pain At Top Of Back And Neck can occur in several places that range from the neck base to the bottom of rib cage. The ribs are attaching to sternum. It is a long and flat bone in the middle of your chest. It also wraps and attaches to the back. It will be painful if any nerve in this area gets pinched, injured or irritated. You can also feel the pain in belly, chest, legs, arms and any other area where the nerve goes around.

Upper and Middle Back Construction
Your back, especially the upper and middle back that is known as thoracic spine, is a complex construction of 12 vertebrae that attach to the rib cage, discs that are absorbing shock while moving and separating each vertebra, and ligaments and muscles holding the spine together. When it is common to have neck or low back pain, symptoms of Pain at top of Back and Neck is uncommon. The bones that are available in this area are not moving too much. They are working with your ribs; keeping the back stable and protecting your vital organs like lungs and heart.

Common and Uncommon Causes
There are several conditions that may lead to Pain At Top Of Back And Neck. The first cause is injury, muscle strain, and overuse to ligaments, discs, and muscles that support the spine. Poor sleeping and sitting posture also contributes to this condition. A herniated disc, a condition where the spinal nerves are pressed, also leads to Top Of Back And Neck pain. A fracture, osteoarthritis (that is caused by cartilage breakdown) and Myofascial pain (affecting the connective tissue of muscle or muscle group) are some health condition that results this pain. Infection, cancer, and gallbladder disease become the causes of this pain too.

Here are some symptoms of Pain at top of Back and Neck. The common symptoms include a sharp, burning, or dull pain and muscle stiffness or tightness. Those common symptoms will be relieved after taking some treatments or painkillers. However, when you feel weakness in legs or arms, tingling or numbness in belly, chest, arms, or legs, and loss of bladder or bowel control, you should see the doctor immediately. Those are serious symptoms that need more medication and treatment.

Medical Treatment
As you see get the medical treatment, the doctor will start by asking your past health, symptoms you have, and your physical activities. Later, the physical exam and imaging test like MRI or X-ray will be conducted. Those exam will discover the main cause of your Top Of Back And Neck pain. Then, the symptoms will be cured with Over-the-counter pain medicines like NSAID or acetaminophen, ice or heat, manual therapy and exercise.

Home Treatment
You can also treat Pain At Top Of Back And Neck by yourself at home. Take a rest immediately anytime you feel hurted in your back. Don’t be hurried to start over the activity after taking a rest. Move gently, instead. NSAID and acetaminophen are over-the-counter pain medicines that you can take when you feel the pain. Those medicine can reduce the swelling, inflammatory, and pain. Compress the affected area with ice pack or heating pad to reduce stiffness, pain, and swelling. Don’t forget to keep exercise, practice good posture, and reduce the stress by taking deep breath, relaxation, or meditation.

Description: pain at top of back and neck is caused by some common and uncommon conditions that must be treated well to prevent further risks.

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