I Can Hear My Heartbeat In My Ears!

I can hear my heartbeat in my ears

Many people be like, I can hear my heartbeat in my ears! This shouldn’t drive you crazy because many people also have similar issues. Hearing sounds that come from within the body can be a sign to more serious health issue. This is why we always recommend you to have a medical check-up in order to find the underlying cause. In most cases, however, this condition is commonly known as pulsatile tinnitus. While this is probably not too common, many have to deal with it. If you’re facing the same issue right now, make an appointment with a doctor soon.

As said before, it can indicate that you’re dealing with something more serious. So, what stimulates the pulsating sound? One thing for sure, the sound doesn’t come from the environment. One of the medical conditions associated with hearing this typical sound is atherosclerosis. This is a buildup of plaque in the walls of the arteries. It can also be triggered by a tumor blocking one of the vessels. So, if you’re like, I can hear my heartbeat in my ears, don’t panic because it doesn’t help at all. Just take time to visit a health professional.

The doctor will first diagnose the condition and then decide on the best treatment you have to take. Health is important to everyone. You should maintain your health and talk to your healthcare provider every now and then. How do we describe the sound? It is kind of like a rhythmic swishing, only it is much clearer. Should you be alarmed? Yes, if you care about your health, please pay attention to it. In many cases, the strange sound subsides by itself even without taking any medication. If the sound fades away on its own, you probably no longer need to seek help.

However, if it still haunts you, consult your doctor. It can be bothersome when you keep thinking about it even when the strange sound is completely gone. The doctor will check your ear, first. This is the way to find out if there is an obstruction in the ear. To solve the issue especially when it is serious, you may be offered surgery to remove the blockage. Stress also becomes more common with this condition. It is known for increasing the risk of experiencing tinnitus. Have you been under stress as of late? Do not ignore that as it can easily lead to a more serious problem.

Stress management is very crucial. You wouldn’t want to cope with health issues caused by stress. It is such a strong feeling that can affect your body over time. Just relax, listen to music, and exercise. All these activities will help relieve the stress. On the previous post, we’ve addressed the common causes of this condition. If you need a little reminder, keep reading. Firstly, it has to do with blood flow. It does not sound like a pulsating sound for no reason. The blood flows through the vessels in the ear. When it does not flow smoothly, that is when you can hear it.

There is a also condition called turbulent blood flow. The arteries may harden over time for a reason. When it gets more serious, you can hear stream because it doesn’t flow smoothly. This can also indicate that someone is at risk of experiencing conductive hearing loss. You need to care for your ears because they can be damaged. Hearing loss can be a consequence of untreated damage to the ear. As a result, while the sounds from the environment seem to get weaker, you will be much more aware of the internal sounds. Don’t hesitate to seek treatment if you feel like, I can hear my heartbeat in my ears.

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