Insurance Claim for Back and Neck Pain after Car Accident

insurance claim for back and neck pain after car accident

Back and neck pain may happen anytime to anyone. However, if the back and neck pain happens after you experience a car accident, it may be a serious condition and a little bit complex. You need to know that you can claim insurance for back and neck pain after car accident. However, you have to know many things including the requirements, how much money you will get, etc. Therefore, we will discuss it more about this case.

Common Back Injuries after a Car Accident
Before talking more about back and neck pain caused by a car accident, let’s discuss about the common injures that are caused by a car accident. You may experience loss of feeling or numbness, loss of muscle controls, and some other injuries. However, the most common injury relates to the back and spinal. It may also affect some other body parts such as arms, shoulders, head, etc. If the pain is serious, you may need a professional treatment that will cost much money.

Common Neck Injuries after a Car Accident
Still related to back and spinal pain after a car accident, some common injuries may also happen related to neck. One of them is pinched nerve. Besides that, neck sprain may also happen to you. Then, the next possible injury is neck strain that is similar to neck sprain but it result in stiffness and pain. Another common injury related to neck pain is herniated disc. If you experience neck pain, you may feel some symptoms such as muscle spasms on the neck, weakness or numbness on hands and arms, pain in hands, arms, and shoulders, headaches, and pain in neck area.

Factors That Affect Claiming
When you want to claim the insurance for back and neck pain after car accident, you certainly want to know how much you will get. However, it is affected by various factors. One of them is the condition of your pain and the breakage of car. Besides that, the insurance coverage also affects this because different insurances may offer different coverage. And there are some other factors that can affect it.

Values Based on the Injury Types
There are many types of injury related to back & neck pain from a car accident. The first is whiplash where the complete recovery between a month & a year allows you claim up to 2,850 pound sterling. Whiplash with 2 year recovery allows you claim up to 5,150 pound sterling. Moderate neck injury like wrenching injury can be up to 16,400 pound sterling. Fractures / dislocations necessitating fusion may be claimed up to 21,600 pound sterling. Ruptured tendons that lead permanent disability can be claimed up to 36,000 pound sterling.

After knowing those guidelines, you can estimate how much money you will get if you claim the insurance after a car accident. It depends on your condition of back and neck pain after car accident. Hopefully this will be a useful guideline.

Description: Back and neck pain after car accident allows you claim insurance. The values depend on the condition of your pain and the treatment needed.

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