Neck and Upper Back Pain Relief Ideas People Do Not Know

neck and upper back pain relief ideas people do not know

We may be familiar with neck and upper back pain. In fact, this pain often happens to many people. The condition is various from acute to chronic. People also may know how to treat this pain even though it does not work well. Talking about neck and upper back pain relief, there are many treatments that people still do not know. However, those secret treatments are effective to reduce your pain until it is completely released.

Apply Salt on Bath Tub
The first neck and upper back pain treatment that you can try is to apply salt on your bath tub. In fact, salt can reduce the pain and swelling that happens on your upper back and neck. Even more, it is also very effective to relieve the muscle pain. So, when you take a bath, do not forget to apply the water onto your back and neck. If possible, you can consider submerging your back on the bath tub.

Enjoy Outdoor More to Get Vitamin D
The second tip related to neck and upper back pain remedy is to get vitamin D. As we know, the greatest source of vitamin D is from the morning sun. So, it can be a good idea to enjoy outdoor more in the morning. It does not only good to treat your back and neck pain but also improve the health of your bones wholly.

Drink Much Water
Besides that, drinking much water also belongs to the most recommended neck and upper back pain relief. The key is that you have to stay hydrated. So, do not forget to drink water every 20 minutes or 30 minutes. The more water you drink the better it will be. If possible, you can also consider drinking beverages that contain high ion.

Laugh More Often
It may sound strange and funny but it is its right that laughing in often can help you reduce your pain. There are many people who still do not know about this neck and upper back pain care. After you know it, you should laugh more often. Laughing can loosen your muscles including the back and neck muscles so that the pain will be reduced.

Imagine in a Better Place
If you feel so painful on your upper back and neck, you can try imagining that you are in a better place right now. For example, you can imagine that you are on a beautiful beach while enjoying the day. This is very simple. It can reduce stress and also good to reduce pain you feel.

Drink Coffee
One of the most enjoyable drinks is coffee. This is not only delicious but it can also be a good neck and upper back pain relief that you can try. Enjoying drinking coffee can reduce the pain on your upper back and neck and even make you feel more relaxed. Therefore, you should not worry to drink coffee as long as not too much.

Description: Neck and upper back pain relief is various and these are some of them that many people still do not know and realize.

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