Neck Pain and Back of Head Pain Causes

neck pain and back of head pain causes

Have you ever thought about how complicated our body is? Let’s take a look at our back. We have a complex structure of cervical spine. It consists of seven cervical vertebrae, muscles, sensitive nerves and ligaments. The muscles are attached to the skull that sometimes become the place where a headache or neck pain occurs. Neck Pain and Back of Head Pain becomes a usual set of symptoms. The symptoms, however, are random and unknown. Most of them are not serious while the others may be the effects of certain diseases.

When you get Back of Head Pain and Neck Pain, you can hardly move and do the activity. Commonly, the pain radiates from the back of head to arm and shoulder. It will be relieved within days. When it stays for more than a week and your strength is less, it would be better to see a doctor and get medication. Here, we explain some causes of neck and back of head pain.

Muscle Strain
It occurs when your muscles are not ready for an awkward and quick movement. Sports injury and whiplash from a car accident are some of the common muscle strain causes. Your muscle can be ruptured or torn that causes pain, swelling, or inflammation. To cure this Neck Pain and Back of Head Pain, you can have an ice or hydrotherapy treatment to make your muscle relaxed. You should stretch your head and upper body gently and regularly. Some painkillers like ibuprofen may help too.

Poor Posture
Modern people often spend their working time by sitting before the computer or desk without realizing that they may have poor posture. Poor sitting posture can make your ligaments have excessive stress as well as for muscles and joint surfaces. If you do it over time, the muscles will be tight and week until it loses flexibility. It leads to breakdown and pain. That’s why it becomes one of Neck Pain and Back of Head Pain causes

If you have Back of Head and Neck Pain causes, it can be a sign of osteoarthritis. It is a disease in which the spinal structures are wear-and-tear breakdown. Osteophytes, the bony outgrowths, can put some pressure on soft tissues and nerves that causes radiating or local pain. It seems terrible and painful, doesn’t it? Fortunately, you can prevent this disease by maintaining a healthy and strong spine.

Herniated Disc
When you move intensely or carry some heavy loads , your cervical spine can be stressed. This condition is known as Herniated disc. It is one of Neck Pain and Back of Head Pain causes Inflammatory irritation to the sensitive nerve root is caused by a certain condition when the disc is pushed out of normal confines. The pain may be local or radiating.

When you have persistent pain in the back of head and neck, and you are not responding to conservative car, it can be chance of tumor. It can develop inside the cervical spine bones. It also causes various painful symptoms. So, you should be very considerate when you have Neck Pain and Back of Head Pain and they don’t ease away after several days like the normal headache.

Description: Neck Pain and Back of Head Pain either eases within days or leads to further disease like arthritis, cancer, and herniated disc. Learn the cause and symptoms..

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