Non-surgical Treatments for Sore Neck Pain in Back of Head

non-surgical treatments for sore neck pain in back of head

If you find sore neck pain in back of head, you should treat it rightly and as soon as possible. Whatever the cause, treatment should be taken soon. There are many methods of treatment available. Some cases require non-surgical medical treatments. In this case, there are some ways available. To decide the best one, you need to know each of them. Therefore, this article will discuss about it.

Physical Therapy
The first is physical therapy. It is very effective to treat sore neck pain and back of head. It purposes to improve flexibility and also physical therapy. The program is various depending the situation and specific diagnosis. At first, the patients should follow physical therapist and when the progress is good they are allowed to do exercises at home.

Prescription Pain Medications
If you have taken over the counter medications but they do not work, you should consider this. There are many products of prescription pain medications but you have to pay attention to the guides first so that the medication will work well and help you treat your neck and back head pain. However, it may cause some complications.

Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections
To treat sore neck and back of head pain, you can consider this method. In this method, you will be injected with cortisone steroid into the cervical epidural space where it is the spinal canal outer layer. To make sure that this injection goes rightly into the epidural space, it may require using X-ray. Because it is injected into the affected area, this is very effective.

Cervical Facet Injections
The next method of non-surgical treatment is cervical facet injection. It is very effective to treat sore neck pain in back of head because especially that is caused by facet joint irritation. So, this can help you reduce the neck pain. Anyway, it belongs to the most recommended treatment for you who experience neck pain.

Trigger Point Injections
This method is also very good to treat back of head and sore neck pain. This method is usually used by a neck pain that is caused by irritation in specific muscles. This functions to reset the normal orientation of irritated muscles. The materials used are various including cortisone, dextrose, lidocaine, and saline.

Manual Manipulation
This method of treatment is done by a chiropractor or also other professionals. To do the adjustment, a chiropractor usually uses his or her hands but sometimes he or she uses machine. Anyway, this is very effective to reduce the neck pain until it is really healed completely. Even more, it also offers other benefits where it can treat paralysis, stroke, etc.

This is another method of non-surgical treatment available for sore neck pain in back of head that you can consider. This methods places thin needles onto your body at some key points on the treated area. Typically, it needs less than an hour and it really works. So, you can consider it.

Description: Sore neck pain in back of head can be relieved by non-surgical treatments such as acupuncture, manual manipulation, physical therapy, etc.

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