Onset and Diagnosis of Severe Pain in Back of Neck and Shoulder

onset and diagnosis of severe pain in back of neck and shoulder

If a severe pain in back of neck and shoulder happens to you, you should relieve it as soon as possible. There are many people who think that this pain can go away after a few days. However, you know that it is really painful. Besides that, it can also cause the worse condition if you do not treat it well. Therefore, this article will discuss more about it.

Onset of Pain in Back of Neck and Shoulder
Typically, severe pain in shoulder and back of neck can develop in different ways. The first is slowly over time. This pain is not too painful at the beginning but you will feel that it gets worse by the time goes. So, you cannot wait until it is extremely painful and you must treat it soon. Besides that, this pain may develop immediately or directly following an injury. For example, it can happen after a car accident. It may cause serious pain and it also may require farther care and treatment.

Then, back of neck and shoulder severe pain may also develop with delayed reaction after injuries. For example, after you experience a car accident, you feel this pain after a few days. In this case, you have to be careful because the pain can develop to be worse over time. Therefore, you should meet a doctor for the diagnosis. Another way is that this pain happens suddenly. There is no sign or symptom. For example, you feel pain in the back neck and shoulder after sleeping, in the middle of day, etc. To know the reason, you should consult to a doctor or professional.

Diagnosing by Patient’s Complete History
One of the ways done by the doctor does diagnose severe pain in back of neck and shoulder is from the history of the patient. In this case, the doctor will ask some questions. One of them relates to the pain description such as the time when it started, the locations of the pain, the symptoms, etc. Besides that, it also relates to your occupation whether you perform labor, sit in front of PC, and some other questions related to your occupation.
Shoulder and back of neck severe pain can be diagnosed with patient history related to lifestyle such as hobbies, daily activities, etc. If you often do bad habits, you should stop them to treat the pain and prevent it come back again. Then, it also relates to your posture. For example, you should describe how you usually sit, sleep, and when doing other activities.

The next question relates to the recent injuries whether you feel anything before experiencing this pain. In fact, some injuries or diseases may lead to this pain. Lastly, you will be asked about the old injuries. After answering all those questions, the doctor will make a conclusion for the diagnosis. Because it relates to the treatment of severe pain in back of neck and shoulder, you have to answer the question honestly and as complete as possible.
Description: Severe pain in back of neck and shoulder can develop in different ways. To diagnose it, doctor may ask some questions related to many things.

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