Pain in Back Left Side of Neck: Each Culprit and How They Can Make the Pain

pain in back left side of neck

We are sure that you have ever felt neck pain in your lifetime. However, neck pain is not as simple as it sounds. Indeed, the pain is felt in the neck. But, which part did you exactly feel it? Yes, neck pain can happen in various spots around your neck. Different spots might as well be caused by different culprits. So, what could they be when it comes to pain in back left side of neck? Let’s see here below.

Poor or Incorrect Postures You Make
Indeed, what causing neck pain in back left side can be as simple as poor postures. Try sitting with neck twisted then! Surely, you would not feel comfortable and start to feel the pain. Why it happens is because the neck’s vertebra is damaged due to the incorrect posture you position it to be. The supportive structure is also damaged as well in this case, leaving the left side of neck feel painful.

Too Much Tension Put on the Muscles
What could cause back left side of the neck is not vertebra bone in our neck. The issue can lie on the neck muscles as well. When they get too much tension, the muscles will feel the strain. As a result, your neck’s left side might go numb. You would later feel it aching and it might even be all the more severe if you just leave it alone. So, don’t overusing the neck and let it rest enough in proper position.

Sudden Whiplash Due to Car Accident
Pain in back left side of neck can also happen because of sudden impacts, like in a car accident. At such time, sudden acceleration and deceleration of body would be something that gives damage to the spine. From the left side of the neck, shoulder, to even your left arm, you will have the pain felt in that range of area. It would be often followed with migraine, weakness, back pain, and dizziness.

Getting Hit or Injured in Sports Plays
Just like everything can happen when driving a car, anything can be so during sports plays as well. In sports, you know that we are bound to get hit. If something goes wrong, we can even get injured as well. When we are hit, we cause compressed nerve roots. That is why you can get all sorts of pains at the back left side of neck, like stinging, burning, and pinching. Such pain won’t be done in hours only.

Making the Nerve in the Neck Pinched
The last but not least culprit of this neck pain we are talking about here is bone issues, like spinal stenosis, bone spurs, and herniated disc. Such issues will be the ones to cause pinched neck and get you the pain in the neck’s left side. They would even go down the neck and numb the left shoulder and arm too. Pain in back left side of neck can affect other parts of body like that as well, indeed.
Description: Pain in back left side of neck might have been caused by various culprits, ranging from poor posture to even nerve issues in the neck area of your body.

Last Updated: April 18th, 2017 by maswk