Pain Under Right Breast and Rib Cage

Pain under right breast and rib cage

Pain under right breast and rib cage is not to be overlooked. Though it is common among people, you should not just ignore it because it can indicate something more serious. Whether the pain feels insufferable or not, you still need to visit the doctor. There are many possible causes. Firstly, it can possibly be caused by an issue with the gallbladder. Another possible cause is poor diet. We are required to eat healthy food every day. Please stay away from fried and processed foods because they do not provide health benefits apart from having good tastes.

Eat more fruit and veggies because they are the ones that we can eat safely without worrying about side effects. Another common cause is gallbladder stones. If this happens to you, you should definitely have a surgery to remove the stone before it is too late. Don’t wait until the stone causes terrible pain. Sometimes the pain can be very unbearable that you can’t help but seek the doctor quickly. Pain under right breast and rib cage can be a sign of a more serious condition. Therefore, you need to seek medical help immediately. Here are other possible causes. There are times when the rib muscles get stretched. They are usually very flexible, but when they are stretched too far, this can lead to severe pain.

How can the muscles be stretched? In many cases, this happens unintentionally, like they are injured. Or you may have done a lot of physical stress as of late. This can also stimulate this condition. Though the muscles are very flexible, they can still be fragile. Please take care of them well and do not forget to do stretching before doing vigorous activities with them. What if the pain comes and goes every once in a while? You need to let the doctor diagnose the cause because pain shouldn’t be coming back once it has disappeared. The doctor may conduct a series of tests in order to find out the root problem.

An ultrasound will probably be required, but it depends on the patient’s condition. It is usually easier to eliminate the pain when the cause has been diagnosed. There is also a condition called costochondritis. This is inflammation that occurs in the muscles of the rib cage. It usually causes terrible pain. How do we prevent this? You need to stop excessive coughing because this has been proven to trigger this condition. This puts strain on the rib cage. Viral infections can also be the cause. With that in mind, it is much better to call your doctor because every case is different. You would want to know if your case has to do with a viral infection or not. If it wasn’t the problem, then it can be fever, a sore throat, or another.

Pain under right breast and rib cage can also be linked with liver problems. This organ works extra hard when we do not pay attention to substances that enter the body. The organ’s essential function is to wash the toxins out of the body. Therefore, you must care for the liver before diseases like fatty liver and hepatitis attack. When it is infected, it is not hard to see that it will result in so much pain. It needs to be monitored from time to time. You can also consult your doctor to find out if your liver has an issue or not. There is also a condition called pancreatitis. As the name implies, this is inflammation to the pancreas that results in sharp pain.

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