Self-Care and Treatments for Pain in the Back of Head and Neck

self-care and treatments for pain in the back of head and neck

Neck pain may also relate to the back of head. It is often to happen to many people. So, you have also to prevent it. However, if you experience this pain, you have to be ready and also know how to treat it. Actually, this pain does not always require you to meet a doctor or even take a surgery for the treatment. If the condition of pain in the back of head and neck is not too serious, you can consider self-care and treatments like the following options.

If you experience back of head and neck pain, you should pay attention to your own body or physic. You cannot do heavy activities that can cause the pain worse. So, you have to take a rest. Make sure that you have enough rest. By resting your body, your pain will be reduced little by little before it is healed completely.

Ice or Heat
There is a very effective way how to treat neck and back of head pain that you can practice by your own at home. In this case, what you need is ice or heat. It can work as anti-inflammatory that functions to reduce the pain or swelling. If you ask which is the better one I can say ice or cold. Ice or cold can be very effective to close small blood vessels temporarily. It is also very good to prevent the swelling or pain getting worse.

If you have tried applying ice pack or cold but it does not work, you can treat pain in the back of head and neck with massage. Massage is very effective to soothe your muscle tension as well as spasms. Besides that, it can also reduce the pain fast. Therefore, it can be a good alternative for your self-care or treatment.

Better Posture
One of the most common causes of pain in the neck and back of head is poor posture. So, what you have to do is to change it simply. It means you have to habituate to perform better posture. It will be the solution to treat your pain. In addition, it can also prevent the pain happens again to you. You have to keep your good posture in doing anything such as working in front of computer, watching TV, sleeping, learning, etc.

Modify Lifestyle
Next, you should also modify your lifestyle. You should stop smoking, quit drinking alcohol, etc. Besides that, you should avoid spending log hours with neck craned on smartphone. And there are still many bad habits that you should stop. Then, live more healthily including eating healthy foods.

Over the Counter Medications
This is another self-care or treatment that you can consider for pain in the back of head and neck. It can reduce the pain and also inflammation effectively. One of the examples is Tylenol. Hopefully these self-care and treatments can help you to handle back head and neck pain.

Description: Pain in the back of head and neck can be relieved with self-care and treatments such as rest, ice/heat, massage, better posture, modify lifestyle, and over the counter medications.

Last Updated: April 18th, 2017 by maswk