Stiff Neck Upper Back Pain: From Common to Rare Causes

stiff neck upper back pain: from common to rare causes

When you feel difficult to turn your neck to the side or you feel soreness in your neck, probably you have Stiff Neck Upper Back Pain. This condition is often followed by neck pain, shoulder or arm pain, or a headache. When you are in this condition, you may feel pain and you have to turn or move your whole body. It is painful and annoying. This neck pain inculudes the joints and bones of the cervical spine, the ligaments and muscles in the neck holding the cervical spine together, and the discs separating the cervical vertebrae and absorbing shock anytime you move.

Common Causes
Stiff Neck Upper Back Pain symptom is caused when one of those areas or more get injured. It is also caused by some certain condition such as wrong sleeping position, sudden impat or falling that pushes the head to one side like sports injuries, excessive anxiety or stress, neck with abnormal position for long time like cradling phone between shoulder and neck, poor position while working with computer or mobile phone, or more. The cause is obvious when you directly get the symptoms after you do one of those condition.

Rare Causes
The conditions mentioned previously are the most common causes of Stiff Neck Upper Back Pain. On the other hand, there are some stiff neck causes that you are not common with. It often becomes the reaction to the cervical spine disorders. Let’s take a look at some examples. The first cervical spine disorder is cervical herniated disc. It is a breakdown of the protective outer portion of a disc that is available in the cervical spine. The further condition is inflammation and compression because the inner portion is leaking out. symptom of Stiff Neck Upper Back Pain is the further impact or reaction of this disorder.

The second cervical spine disorder is cervical degenerative disc disease. It happens when the pressure nearby nerves, soft tissues and joint (muscles and ligaments) is increasing because the discs are losing height and hydration. Stiff Neck Upper Back Pain causes becomes the result of this process. The third disorder is cervical osteoarthritis. It happens as the cervical facet joints in the vertebral bones breaks down. This condition comes along the other conditions like anatomical changes like bone spurs and spinal stenosis. Tumor and infection also becomes the rare possibilities.

Symptoms that you may feel
Stiff Neck Upper Back Pain symptom is varied in intensity. It ranges from such an annoying discomfort to such an extremely sharp, limiting, and painful symptoms. Moving to side can be painful when you suffer from this condition. Your movement will be limited. You can take it easy as it will go away after a day or two. The soft tissues in your neck will be healed naturally. Apply an over-the-counter pain medication on the painful area can relieve the pain. You can also do heat and/or ice therapy can be helpful too.

If you still suffer from stiff neck after a week, you should see the doctor to get further medication and treatment. When this condition is followed by fever, vomiting, nausea, unexplained sleepiness or headache, see the doctor soon to prevent any further health risk. Therefore, you get better treatment and medication for Stiff Neck Upper Back Pain soon.

Description: Stiff neck upper back pain has some different causes, symptoms, or even result that may affect your health. The pain may vanish naturally or need treatment.

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