The Danger of Pain in Neck and Back of Head

the danger of pain in neck and back of head

There are many people who have ever experienced pain in neck and back of head. However, they think that this is like the common neck pain and headache. In fact, it can be more serious that you think. If it happens to you, you have to be careful and should treat it as soon as possible before it causes the worse condition. Therefore, this article will discuss more detailed about it.

The Causes of Pain in Neck and Back of Head
There are many factors that can cause neck and pain of head pain. One of them is caused by tension. Commonly, it feels on the shoulders and then neck and even back of head. The second cause is migraine. Migraine can cause pain in the back of head and may also lead to neck pain. However, there are many cases where this pain is caused by allergy. It may be from certain foods in which your body cannot accept it. So, you have to be careful in eating daily meals.

Besides that, pain in the back of head and neck can also be caused by various problems where usually it happens to men. The next factor that may cause neck pain or back head pain is trauma. For example is trauma after a car accident. After a few days, you then feel pain in your neck or back head. Another cause is sinus. This can be considered as one of the most painful cases because if you touch the affected area, it will feel extremely painful.

Pain in the Neck and Secondary Headache
Pain in neck and back of head is always related to secondary headache. It is a headache that happens because of structural problems on the neck or head. There are some factors that may cause this. One of them is bleeding brain. Besides that, it may also be caused by cancer. Then, meningitis also belongs to one of the factors that cause this pain or headache. Another possible cause is encephalitis. According to International Headache Society, it belongs to dangerous and serious pain so that it should be treated by the doctor or professional.

Brain Cancer
As we know, pain in the neck and back of your head may have some symptoms. If you can recognize the symptoms earlier, you can treat it sooner. However, there is a case where this pain is only the symptom of other diseases. There are many studies which show that this pain can lead brain cancer. So, if this pain happens to you, especially for long time, you have to meet a doctor so that he or she can diagnose your pain. It may be that this pain is the symptom of brain cancer that needs farther treatment.

That is all what you need to know about pain in the neck and back of head. Now, you know that this pain may be more dangerous that you imagine. Therefore, it should be recognized earlier and you can treat it sooner.

Description: Pain in the neck and back of head can be caused by many factors. It may also belong to secondary headache. Even more, it may also be the symptom of brain cancer.

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