What Does a Pregnant Cervix Feel Like?

What does a pregnant cervix feel like

What does a pregnant cervix feel like? First of all, we want to introduce you to this part of the body. The cervix is a tubular-shaped organ located at the end of the uterus. This is the part where the formation of a protective barrier occurs during pregnancy. The barrier is required by the infant that grows within the womb. The layer thickens as your pregnancy progresses. As a matter of fact, you can actually check your pregnancy by knowing the position of the cervix. It is actually a very accurate way to find it out. It is good to have a better understanding of the cervix position as it is a good indicator to know whether someone is conceiving or not.

In terms of texture, the barrier also becomes softer once someone gets pregnant especially during the first months. What does a pregnant cervix feel like? As said before, it becomes much tender when compared to a non-pregnant cervix. It is caused by the increase of blood supply to this area. Meanwhile, the increase of blood occurs because when someone gets pregnant, her body tends to release more estrogen. You must already know that estrogen is one of those hormones responsible for pregnancy. Cervical position changes from time to time. For instance, after a period, the cervix usually moves lower and closes up. When it comes to structure, it also gets harder.

This actually indicates the least fertile period. To prepare for an ovulation, the cervix typically rises higher and becomes softer. This is stimulated by the release of estrogen in the body. This time period is the most fertile window and if you want to increase the chance of conceiving, have more sex with your partner during this period. Otherwise, please avoid this time of the month to make love. If fertilization occurs, the cervix will remain soft in texture and it also stays high in the vagina. While it is true that pregnancy can be checked using this method, it doesn’t always lead to an accurate result.

There are many other ways to test for pregnancy. What does a pregnant cervix feel like? We’ve explained clearly before, now we want to share some tips on how to check cervical position. Firstly, wash your hands with a hand sanitizer or a mild soap. The inside of your reproductive organs can be very sensitive to germs and other microorganisms. Therefore, the hands must be clean before you go. And then, sit down comfortably. Don’t lie on your back because it is harder to do it in this position. Make sure the cervix remains low inside the vagina. If you don’t want to sit, squatting is another recommended position. Keep your legs wide open and then prepare for your hands to penetrate or touch the inside of the vagina.

The cervix feels soft and it is like touching the tip of your nose. As you go through the walls of your vagina, the cervix sits exactly at the end. It isn’t a long way before you can touch that part, anyway. There is no need to use all your fingers. Use the longest one as it is more likely to reach the tip using it than the rest. Move the finger back and forth until you can feel the tip. Also, please be careful if you have long nails because things that stay in your reproductive system are all soft. You want to make sure not to scratch any of them because it can lead to an infection. If it’s too high to touch, this can be a sign of pregnancy. Continue with a home pregnancy test to confirm that.

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