What Does Sex Feel Like to a Girl?

What does sex feel like to a girl

What does sex feel like to a girl? Most women have similar experiences, but we have to agree that sex feels wonderful for the most part. However, for a woman, it depends on a few factors. One of the most important body parts that can feel the pleasure of sex the most is the clitoris. If one can play with that carefully, then his partner will feel like being in paradise. It is highly advised that you tell your partner to stimulate this part gently because this is where most of the sensations come from. Let him touch and rub it tenderly.

It shouldn’t hurt, but many women complain about it. It does not matter where or when you do that, as long as he knows how to properly stimulate it, that would turn into an exciting experience. He should know how to keep progressing with the stimulation. It feels good, but both parts need to be into each other. Without love, it wouldn’t feel the same. Make sure neither of you are in a stressful condition before doing that. It just doesn’t do it for both when this happens. The woman should also learn to please her partner. It needs to go both ways.

You can get pleasure from him and he also deserves the same treatment from you. Men are much easier to please, anyway. They are not emotional creatures like women. What does sex feel like to a girl? If this is the first time doing it, it takes a lot of preparation. You need to calm your mind and relax your body first. There are different types of sex. The most common one is vaginal sex. This is the one that involves the clitoris. People also refer to it as traditional sex. It basically means inserting someone’s penis into a woman’s vagina. When done properly, this can lead to an orgasm. This is when we feel very pleased by the interaction with partner.

Both men and women can experience this incredible feeling. And then, there is oral sex. You must know this already. It also feels quite similar. Even without a penis entering one’s genitalia, it still feels awesome. Oral sex is an act of putting a tongue on a woman’s private area and play with her clitoris. Do you find it weird? Many people do that, anyway. This act can also take a woman to the highest level of pleasure. Oral sex can also involve other parts, like the lips. Basically, your partner uses his mouth to stimulate the nerves in the vagina. This is usually done before copulation or vaginal intercourse.

What does sex feel like to a girl? It feels awesome, but the man should not be pushy. Men can get too excited that they keep going without paying attention to their partners’ feelings. Ask your man not to be forceful if you do not like that. If needed, rub some lubrication to ensure that you do not feel pain while doing intercourse. Some couples like it rough, while others prefer to do it gently. It does not matter which one you prefer, just communicate with your partner first.

Having sex with someone we love makes a big difference. Doing a quickie with someone new ain’t cutting it. It feels like telling a secret to a total stranger. We wouldn’t be able to feel a wonderful experience. With that in mind, being emotionally close with the person is an important step towards doing this sacred ritual. Sex should be enjoyable, not stressful. Hence, if you do not feel like that, maybe something just went wrong.

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