Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Intercourse

Why does my stomach hurt after intercourse

Why does my stomach hurt after intercourse? The pain can be a sign of a health issue especially related to reproduction. To ensure, you need to consult your doctor. You’re probably required to go through therapy to eliminate the pain. However, if it is not so serious, you just need to relax a bit. There are a few causes of abdominal pain. This is very prevalent among women even though men can also experience that. We will explain to you the causes which include inflammation, vaginal traumas, allergic reactions, etc. The worst scenario is the pain may persist for a long time if you refuse to seek treatment.

It depends on how severe the pain is and the cause because each case is different. It can be associated with reproductive abnormalities and others. Do you know endometriosis? We believe you have at least heard of this term. It is a popular term used in biology. In many cases, the pain that surfaces after intercourse is caused by endometriosis. This is when the uterine tissues grow abnormally that it even grows outside the uterus. The tissue will then thicken and cause bleeding. That is the blood that would trigger the pain eventually because it can’t find a way out of the body. As a result, the person would suffer from unbearable pain. It is not a period, even though the pain feels almost identical.

Why does my stomach hurt after intercourse? It can happen due to pelvic inflammatory disease. The pain does not necessarily come after sex. It is worth-mentioning that this condition is closely linked with std also, such as gonorrhea. With that in mind, you must need to maintain your sex organs regularly. When the uterus becomes inflamed, it will cause so much pain. Even if that coincides with your period, the pain probably stems from a different issue. The pain may also be stimulated by fibroids or cysts. This typically happens to women. They are tumors, but non-cancerous ones. Even so, you can’t just abandon if this happens to you because they will grow.

They most commonly develop in the uterus and ovaries. Just like the previous conditions, the presence of cysts in the body can also result in insufferable cramping. Moreover, they can also lead to intense bleeding. When a cyst ruptures, this can bring so much pain. The pain may persist for a few days before it’s finally gone. But during this period, the person can also experience bloating. Next, we want to talk about orgasm. Who would’ve thought that orgasm can also lead to abdominal pain? Painful orgasms are not a rare condition as they are prevalent among women near menopause. With that in mind, you need to hold your excitement and control your feelings during intercourse. This will help prevent this condition. If that happens without a warning, all you can do is relax for a few minutes because the pain will usually not stay forever in the body.

Deep penetration may also be the culprit. Every woman has a different reproductive system. There are times when the tip of the penis hits the cervix, it can cause pain. It is probably because the woman actually has a titled uterus. You need to tell your partner to be careful especially during penetration. Say it in advance before he’s getting rough. Why does my stomach hurt after intercourse? Interestingly enough, pregnancy may contribute to that cramping. This usually occurs in the early months of pregnancy. The reason behind it is because the uterine contracts during intercourse. Sometimes it feels mild, but it can be severe, too.

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